Different types of women body shapes

It is hard to find a girl who does not want to change something in her physical appearance. Some girls want smaller buttocks and thighs, and other large and portly breasts, others – flat and embossed stomach. All women aspire to the ideal; some girls want to be like stars or athletes. Moreover, it is great when you have a role model. But, unfortunately, there is such a thing as a “type of female figure,” and if your body type is different from the type of your ideal’s figure, it is likely that you will not manage to achieve a desired shape. What is the type of shape and why is it an obstacle to the ideal?

So, do not forget that in addition to lifestyle, the appearance of your body depends on genetics, changes that are transmitted from generation to generation in the family specifically. In addition, of course, if a girl want to lose weight in a particular part of the body, it changes her life. However, on the way to perfection, not every woman remembers what is supposed to be, which ultimately leads to disappointment. Moreover, the type of shape greatly affects the training system. Let’s find out more about the types of female figures:

Pear structure resembles the letter A. This type of girls has excess weight in the buttocks and thighs, when waist, chest and arms at the same time remain small. Usually this type characterized by a pronounced cellulite. Girls of pear type figure should focus on the expansion of the back and shoulders, as well as cardio, which will help to cope with excessive weight in the hips and buttocks.

Inverted triangle structure resembles the letter V. Flat buttocks of this type of figure offset broad shoulders, thin waist, slim legs and ample bosom. Typically, girls of this type have fat in the abdomen and arms. For correction the figure, V-shaped girls should do more squats and lunges, training intensively the buttock muscles. If we talk about cardio, then ellipse is a suitable choice, it will help strengthen your legs.

The rectangle structure resembles the letter H. Girls of this shape have sports figure, small breasts, flat buttocks, but virtually have no waist. For a figure correction, it is necessary to train the abdominal muscles, reduce cardio to a minimum, actively train weights and work through all the muscle groups.

Hourglass structure resembles the letter X. This type of girls has magnificent breasts, rounded buttocks, shapely legs and graceful waist. For figure correction, it is sufficient to combine cardio sessions with weights, in this case appearance will be even more attractive.

Oval structure resembles the letter O. Owners of this type of figure have large breasts, narrow hips, flat buttocks. As a rule, they are small in stature, but the extra fat is stored in the abdomen and waist. For the correction, O-shaped girls need constant cardio. Girls definitely should work through the gluteal muscles and legs (deadlift, squat).

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