Top ten VICTORIA’S SECRET exercises

One glance at the Victoria’s Secret angels is enough to understand that these girls have serious attitude toward their appearance. In order to get a beautiful body it is worth to do a lot of work and strictly follow the rules, spelled out by nutritionists and trainers.

  1. Jumping rope

It is certainly true, that to be a Victoria’s Secret angel for a long time is a great talent. Adriana Lima knows the secret! This Angel looks great, because she nourishes properly and does sports regularly. One of the way to reduce weight is a jumping rope. It is very practical because it does not require special equipment or a lot of space. Jumping rope helps to reduce weight and strengthen the arms and upper body, it is also good for the heart.

  1. Plank

Behati Prinsloo makes the plank with her husband Adam Levin before every Victoria’s Secret show. There are many reasons, why everyone should include the plank in the training: it strengthens the core, helps to make the stomach flat and fit, reduces back pain, relieves stress.

  1. Exercises with a ballet bar

Ballet exercises with the bar are very effective, because this work involves several muscle groups. They also include isometric muscle contraction, that makes the muscles stronger. You can also carry out ballet exercises with dumbbells. But many people criticize the exercises with a ballet bar, as the heart rate does not increase. It leads to impossibility to do more complex exercises, such as squats or slopes. However, Angel Alessandra Ambrosio shows that this is a very good type of workout!

  1. Functional training

Functional training is a very useful exercise, it strengthens the abdominal and back muscles. This training involves kettlebells, dumbbells, weights, the TRX equipment. Best of all is to do exercises with a trainer, so that if the example of an angel Sara Sampaio inspires you, then go ahead to the gym!

  1. Lagree fitness method

If you like pilates, you will like this kind of training. Many call Lagree method as a”pilates on steroids.” The training lasts from 25 up to 50 minutes on a special simulator – Megaformer. This high-intensity training  will make you lose a lot of calories. Angel Martha Hunt keeps herself in shape in this way.

  1. Ballet

Angel Romee Strijd keeps herself in shape with the help of Ballet. You probably think that ballet is only for children, but for adults it brings a lot of benefits. This type of training is very useful: it strengthens the muscles and cardiovascular system. You will become stronger and faster, if  you prefer ballet!

  1. Core exercises

Exercises for core muscles eventually strengthen all muscles groups: the pelvic muscles, thighs, abdomen and back. Since these muscles are necessary for us in everyday life, it is better to strengthen them and take care of them. If you do this exercises, you will never experience fatigue in daily life. In a result of these activities, you can get a press of  your dream. Lais Ribeiro is one of Angels, who is involved in this system.

  1. Yoga

It looks like a cliché, but it’s true. Yoga is not only an exercise for the mind: it allows you to achieve the body of dreams. You are unlikely to lose weight only with help of  yoga, but it will change your mind. Yoga will make you fall in love with healthy eating, and already as a result of the power you can lose weight. With regards to fitness, yoga will help you tighten the body up. Angel Elsa Hosk does not exercises periodically, but she really likes yoga.

  1. Crossfit

Taylor Hill has a perfect body, because she does CrossFit! CrossFit is a very popular type of sport and many people are fond of it. It is very useful for several reasons: it helps to lose weight, improves the performance of the cardiovascular system and helps to prevent injuries in everyday life. It is never boring, because the exercises are always changing!

  1. Pilates

It is believed, that among all the angels of Victoria’s Secret, Candice Swanepoel has the most beautiful body. It is actually true. Candice trains a lot and spends a lot of time doing Pilates. This kind of training is very popular. By practicing Pilates, you will earn a flexible body and a flat stomach and you will get rid of back pain. Pilates has similar principles as in yoga, in the sense that it directly links your body to the brain, you become calmer and more confident.

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