Top 9 Tips to improve your squats

  1. More deeper and deeper

If you just started to do squats or, conversely, squats have become a routine for you and you do not see much effect, then pay attention to its performing technique.

Try to squat as deeply as possible – so that you fully involve in the process the largest and powerful muscles of your body: buttocks, thighs, biceps as well as straightening your back muscles.

For deep squats, drive knees further apart in order to lower as deep as possible and obtain the maximum tension in the thighs.

  1. More variety

There are a great number of squats, so use this. For example, try to squat as deeply as possible with a narrower formulation of the legs, while placing the bar higher on trapezes.

And then vice versa, spread your legs and lower the barbell just below the shoulders. Listen to your feelings, pay attention to the fact, as in those or other changes in the technique of execution in more or less incorporated certain muscles and body parts.

  1. Strengthen your back

In addition to the muscles, squats and to health as a whole! – the spine and all that surrounds is very important. For example, straightening the muscles of the lumbar spine and upper back muscles. Work to strengthen them through exercises designed precisely to these areas of the body. You can do such exercises as the deadlift, a good morning exercise, pull-ups, and so forth.

  1. Train your press

Abdominal muscles and the muscles of the core are also critical for supporting a ridge. Perform exercises that focus on their development — from static, such as plank, to all kinds of exercises with weights. For example: Turkish lifts, squats with a barbell over your head, etc.

  1. Use heavy things

Do not avoid exercises with heavy weights. Conduct training with 3-5 sets of 1-2 reps with weights whose weight is 90% or more of your maximum.

  1. Add speed

Sessions with maximal weights is useful to alternate with the “speed” workouts. You should work with additional weights that are 50-70% less than your maximum. And perform the exercises as soon as possible. Recommended circuit: 8-10 sets of 2-3 reps.

  1. More resistance

Attach the elastic to the rod – so you add resistance in the highest point of the squat. This method should be used when you work with the same weight as when the rate of training, which is about 50-60% of your maximum weight.

  1. Be “explosive”

Use the “explosive” techniques such as tug and push of the heavy lifting, or special pedestals and platforms of plyometrics. This will not only add interestingness and complexity of your training, but also help further develop agility, coordination, balance, and even flexibility.

  1. Pay attention to the restoration

Yes, better recovery can also improve your squats. In addition to the required minimum of 8 hours of sleep, proper nutrition and stretching at the end of training, add to your mode of massage, including self-massage with a roller, a douche and a chiropractor.

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