Top Best Fitness Tips of All Time

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These fitness tips are the results of survey conducted among the most authoritative experts in fitness. This top includes only reliable, time-tested fitness tips and information about a healthy lifestyle. You’ve probably heard of different fitness tips on how to quickly lose weight and get a good physical shape. Dozens of trainers promote the latest techniques and technologies for a healthy lifestyle, some of which directly contradict each other. What should you do so as not to get lost in this sea of ​​information?

Replace regular cardio with interval training

The way to a slender, strong body is similar to a long monotonous walk. The best effect is provided by high intensity, interrupted by slow calm exercises for restoration. 15-20 minutes of interval training help burn the same number of calories as an hour of regular training. And, unlike usual exercises, such trainings give effect even after you stop working out.

Pay attention to the internal muscles during each session

Many people focus on only selected muscle groups, missing out on everything else. However, the human body consists not only of abs, however beautiful they look. A huge number of internal muscles are hidden from our view. They are necessary to protect the internal organs and spine from injuries, maintain the body in an upright position. Therefore, pay attention not only to specialized exercises, which have effect on isolated groups of muscles, but also to complex ones that have pressure on the entire body. Isometric exercises are especially good for this.

Replace fitness machines with free-weight exercises

Fitness machines are arranged in such a way that you have to move the given weight along a certain trajectory. However, if you are too short or too tall, or your arms or legs are not as long as the average majority, such exercises will not organically match your physiology, which can lead to a lack of progress or even injury.

Replacement of fitness machines with dumbbells exercises or a barbell can be more suitable for your body, it will help load even those muscle groups that are idle on the fitness machines.

Do not slouch!

This is one of the most underrated fitness tips. Unfold and lower the shoulder blades as if you put your hands in the back pockets of your jeans. This will not only help you improve the results, but also protect you from injuries. This position allows you to perform pull-ups properly, fully engage the pectoral muscles with push-ups, it also maintains the correct position of the body when you’re doing the squats. Do not forget about special exercises for the spine.

Increase the range of movements

Adding more load to each repetition and increasing the efficiency of the workout as a whole will help lengthen the trajectory of the movements performed with each repetition of the exercise. Sit down slightly deeper, when doing push-ups, lower until just a centimeter is left to the floor, pull up not to the chin, but to the chest. Get more from each movement and your body will thank you.

Do each exercise as quickly as possible

Slow exercise is best used only as an additional load. In the main part of the session, you should strive for the fastest possible performance of each exercise, whether it is pull-ups, push-ups, jumps or weight training. Even if you do not manage to do it really fast at first, any effort you make will teach muscle fibers to contract faster, which will make your body more athletic.

Use more complex exercises

There is a large number of special exercises and fitness tips designed to develop individual muscles. However, if you are not a bodybuilder capable of spending long hours in the gym, it is more preferable to use exercises that load several muscle groups at the same time.

For example, sit-ups will make not only the legs, but also the back work, rod pull in the slope will load biceps and back, while the bench press develops triceps and chest.

One of the most essential fitness tips – change the grip

In many exercises it is enough to change the grip a little so that it opens completely from the other side. For example, during pulling up, push-ups, many exercises with a bar, you can place your arms more widely or narrowly. Such a minor change allows you to work out previously unused muscle fibers, and in addition to diversify the workout

Try to load only one side

Since our body always tends to balance, the use of asymmetrical loads will cause the muscles of the body to work, which cannot be accessed in the usual way. Try to do the exercises with only to get. Try to perform exercises with only one dumbbell or engage in simulators using only one side of the body. Such fitness tips are a bit unusual, but sometimes it works.

Do push-ups

Push-ups are one of the greatest exercises. Their correct implementation can be described with just one phrase: keep a rigid straight line from the top to the heels in each phase of the exercise. Remembering this, you should not round your back, sag at the waist, or bulge your hips. The main value of this exercise is that it uses the muscles of almost the entire body. Different variants of push-ups will help you load and work out a variety of muscle groups.

Lift heavier weight

Using heavier weights will not make you a clumsy buff, but will help you become stronger and protect you from osteoporosis, increasing bone density. To get the best effect, it’s better to use a weight equal to 60-70% of your maximum. In other words, choose a weight with which you can perform at 8-12 repetitions, the latter requiring the maximum tension.

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Use the right technique

In such exercises as squats, trunk bending, or deadlift of the rod, many instructors indicate that you should put your pelvis back as far as possible.

To do this correctly, imagine that you need to open the door with your buttocks. This will help you activate the muscles of the lower body without rounding the back.

Drink cocoa after the workout

After training, a mixture of carbohydrates, fats and proteins will help your body build muscle, reduce pain and recover faster. If you are limited in time or are not able to eat properly after exercise, a tall glass of cocoa has the perfect combination of nutrients you need.

Buff up, then go jogging

If you do weight training before jogging or other cardio work, you will burn more fat. Studies by Japanese scientists have shown that people engaged in this technique lost weight twice as fast as those who did not practice power training at all.

Run down the hills

When climbing the mountain, 9% more muscles are involved than when running on level ground. And the more muscles work, the faster the progress will come. This can also save your knees: increasing the surface slope by as little as 3% can reduce shock loads on your feet by 24%.

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Do not stretch, get warm!

Static stretching performed before training can reduce your strength, as well as increase the risk of developing some injuries. Instead, do an active warm-up, which will prepare your body for the basic complex with exercises that increase the heart rate and warm up your muscles. It is best to use various exercises with weight of your body – jumping, push-ups, squats, etc.

Record everything

When you are engaged in power training or running, you are surrounded by dozens of statistical indicators reflecting your achievements. This can be the weight of dumbbells, the number of repetitions, mileage and movement pace and much more. Record your progress using a training log or special fitness applications. Experience shows that those people who constantly keep a log of training are much more persevering and, therefore, achieve results faster. This is an excellent motivating factor.

Restore with light loads

If you are really good at training, your body gets a heavy load, so you feel pain in the muscles. The best way to restore strength and quick rest is not lying in bed, but light physical activity. They increase metabolism in muscle tissue, accelerating recovery by 40%. Play basketball the next day after an active workout, go roller-skating or go to the gym.

Take a Break

You can really get a significant increase in strength and muscle mass by doing the planned reduction in training intensity. Studies show that those who reduce the load in the last week of each month get 29% better results.

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