Ten Youtube channels for training

Every year sport increasingly gains popularity as it helps get not only a good health, but also the shape of your dreams. With the arrival of spring, everyone want to get rid of the effects of the holidays and training the body for summer. If you do not have time to visit the gym because of the work or the household chore, then do sports at home. There are 10 YouTube-channels, where experienced trainers of fitness stretching, yoga and dance show simple and effective exercises. So, follow the advice and you will succeed!



The author of the canal is a popular American – Bob Harper, the trainer of a program “The Biggest Loser” and author of books on shapeliness. By the way, in his videos Harper not only shows exercises, but also shares the secrets of effective weight loss.



This channel will be useful for those, who like variety in sports. Here you can find collections with different coaches and disciplines. Apart from fitness and yoga lessons, you can spend time practicing ballet body, aimed at forming strong and flexible feet, a  graceful posture and a beautiful waist.



For lovers of Pilates, there is an excellent channel, leading by certified trainer Cassie Ho. Generated clips, which contains only exercises for arms, legs, abs for beginners are another advantage of the page.



The channel of Tara Stiles is great for home practice yoga not only for professionals, but for beginners. She has also extensive experience in teaching, so anyone who wants to try training in yoga, welcome to the channel.




If you love dancing, then this channel is for you. The athlete and dancer will show you how to keep yourself in shape and lose weight with active rhythmic exercises. And if you add to your favorite music, these classes also will certainly raise the spirits.

Tone It Up


Famous American fitness blogger Karen Dawn and Katrina Hodgson sharing exercise for the perfect figure. The channel is very convenient, because all the videos are structured on the base of the complexes for the arms, legs, buttocks, and even with tips on nutrition.



Experts of the channel broadcast special set of exercises for those who have little free time. Short but intense workout are designed to burn off the extra kilos and forming a beautiful landscape.

XHIT Daily


In her video, experienced coach, Rebecca Louis offers a different set of exercises, including both the author and those, which are used by popular stars of show business. The girl offers to replicate favorite exercises of Mila Kunis, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, and others.



This channel is ideal for those who want to quickly get rid of excess fat. So that, here are many exercises for interval training high intensity that will make pretty sweat, and subject to proper nutrition, to get a good figure in a short time.

Amanda Russell


An experienced fitness trainer not only offers short set of exercises, but also shares tips on proper nutrition and weight loss secrets. Indeed, here is collected all information, that can help you be in shape for beach season.

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