Tae-Bo is a unique fitness program

Tae-Bo  is an author’s fitness program made by Billy Blanks, well-known actor and athlete. Billy has achieved incredible success in the martial arts, he is a seven-time world champion in karate. Moreover, Billy is the owner of 36 gold medals at international competitions and more than 20 roles in movies.

In 1989, Billy Blanks opened a gym, where developed a unique system of Tae-Bo. It combines the movements and techniques of different sports areas, as taekwondo, boxing, karate, alternating with the basic aerobic steps. He promoted his fitness program with the help of advertising, and now the whole world knows it.

The uniqueness of this system lies in the fact, that it develops endurance, strength, coordination, and gives favorable effect on the cardiovascular system. This program will be useful to those, who wish to remove extra fat. You are not only in a short period of intense work of all the muscle groups and get rid of excess weight, but also learn the modern techniques of self-defense.

Many think, that only strong women can practise Tae-Bo, but it isn’t true. This fitness program fits perfectly to every self-conscious lady. Besides, Tae-Bo helps to strengthen self-confidence and cheerfulness.

If you have firmly decided to do just Tae-Bo, you need to prepare your body. Within two months of classes in aerobics. When your muscles become much harder, proceed directly to Tae-Bo. If you are in good physical shape, you can start training even tomorrow.

Trainers recommend to do Tae-Bo twice a week, what will not affect the normal rhythm of life. Above all, the bonus will be tightened figure, straight posture, a strong immune system and a good mood.

The results of the training are:

  1. burning calories;
  2. strengthening the cardiovascular system;
  3. coordination and training of the vestibular apparatus;
  4. training all the muscle groups;
  5. proper posture;
  6. good muscles` tone.

So that, Tae-Bo increases muscle tone and effectively burn extra pounds, causes the body to acquire a unique muscle relief, elasticity, and beauty. During each workout, all muscle groups get a hefty load. It should be noted, that during the one-hour of Tae-Bo you can spend on average 700 kcal, which corresponds to the running distance of 10 kilometers. Also, Tae-Bo will allow you to dump three or more kilograms every month, without changing your food preferences and habits. Systematic training of this type of fitness doesn’t only help to lose weight, but also reduces cholesterol levels and contributes to the active prevention of atherosclerosis and heart diseases.

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