Stiletto or a Fitness in High Heels

Modern instructors do not cease to surprise with new discoveries in terms of fitness trends. A variety of styles do not allow women to sit in one place. Indeed, they provide new opportunities for continuous development and improvement of your body. Stiletto is a fashionable fitness area, a blend of exercises and shoes on high heels. Training in such shoes has significant differences from dance lessons, but it may contain elements of dance.

What is stiletto?

Fitness on heels is ideal training for women, who do not spend a day without shoes on high heels. One of the main tasks of stiletto is to show women the art of graceful gait with stiletto heels. Sports training in high heels is taught to keep the balance and produce a beautiful gait. So, do not forget, that the main purpose of the fitness trend is an improvement of your body. In any way, a perfect walk in high heel shoes gives each woman more femininity, attractiveness, and sexuality.

Positive aspects of stiletto

Physical activity of “fitness in heels” contribute to:

  • learning the correct walking in high heels;
  • work of all body muscles (calf, thigh, buttock, back and abdominal muscles);
  • strengthening of cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • rapid weight loss – fat burning, energy consumption, acceleration of metabolism, withdrawal of toxins and waste;
  • improvement of blood circulation, saturation of tissues and organs with nutrients;
  • formation of a beautiful posture and a perfect gait;
  • prevention of osteoarthritis, varicose veins, arthritis and flat feet.

Contraindications for fitness in heels

Many experts argue that wearing shoes with heels for a long time is extremely dangerous. It often leads to health problems. The appearance of varicose veins, arthritis or flat feet is especially dangerous. Constant walking on high heels can cause swelling, pain, and heaviness in legs, foot deformities.

Fitness trainers don’t hide the fact of the injuries caused by “fitness on heels”. As it is easy to fall, stretch the muscle or get injured during performing a particular exercise. Therefore, an important feature of stiletto classes is the strict supervision of a professional trainer. At the beginning of training, a load should not be intense, it is better to restrict the average level.

Besides, this type of fitness has strict contraindications. Stiletto can bring only harm to health for women with overweight, obesity or varicose veins. Even more, walking in shoes with high heels in such situations, not only exacerbates the existing problems, but also contributes to the emergence of new ones. Such physical exertion is strictly contraindicated for women with various injuries and diseases of feet and back.

Preparation for stiletto

Each type of fitness has its own characteristics in terms of preparation. And stiletto is not an exception. If you decide to engage in “fitness in heels”, then  you should choose right shoes for training. You must remember, that shoes should be comfortable, thick and stable, besides a height of heel must be no more than 7cm. Likewise, comfortable clothing plays an important role in a performance of physical exercises. Definitely, it should not detract from the fitness classes. Ideal shoes should not be close, but not too loose. Like any other type of training, stiletto requires drinking water, towels and, of course, a good mood.

Actually, stiletto is not only a perfect slender body, firm muscles, perfect posture but also maximum self-esteem, self-confidence, improvement of mood. And all this can be achieved in the three months of active training. After training on high heels, woman acquires a confident gait, beautiful posture and the ability to walk properly in shoes with high heels. Consequently, the female body gets a full supply of energy for the whole day and the high heel does not prevent enjoy the result of physical exertion. Overall, training in high heels allows you always and everywhere control your body.

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