How to do sports on vacation: effective exercises for a relief body

Holidays are not an obstacle for doing sports, even if the gym and fitness trainer have left in a hometown.

The TRX hinge is a major fitness trend of recent years. Also, it practically does not take up space in your suitcase, but can replace a gym. Fix TRX hinges on the tree, bench, door rooms at the hotel and train your arms, press and buttocks. Belts should be adjusted in a right way, and you could train with a desired level of load, bringing into play from five to hundred percent of your body.

Before going to the beach, take with you beach rackets and shuttlecock or play beach volleyball. Only in motion you can burn calories and get beautiful tanned skin.

Many resorts have such benefit as training with sub boards on the water. Try to stay in the plank, rocking on the waves.

Use the opportunity to run near the sea every morning or do functional training on the sand. In addition, the unstable surface helps to strengthen the leg muscles, especially the feet arches and muscle stabilizers.

Running on sand increases the load of aerobic exercises and lets you burn in one and a half times more calories, than usual running on asphalt.

If your vacation taken place in Ibiza with a fun and noisy friends, for example, then just relax and have fun. After a crazy night, do not try to train in the morning, because after all the cocktails that you have tried, your cardiovascular system is exhausted, as it is too high load. After the release, try to return to your usual regime.

Legs and buttocks muscles

Stand with shoulders width apart and slightly squat down. Take a step to the right, shift your weight to the right foot. Bent knees slightly and keep a torso straight. Quickly put your left foot across the sand to the right. Take another step to the right and then pull the left leg. Perform this exercise 10 times. Make two sets on each side.

Press, legs and buttocks muscles

Sit with your feet together, bend at the knees with ankle-deep in the sand. Raise your arms up and lean back. Return to the starting position without dropping hands. Stretch your arms forward and stand up, without leaning on the ground with your hands. Slowly return to starting position. Perform this exercise 10 times.

Legs and buttocks muscles and muscle stabilizers

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, bent knees under the angle 45˚ with hands behind head. Push off the left foot and turn around 180˚on the right foot. Return to starting position. Push off the right foot and turn around to the left. Perform this exercise 10 times.

Triceps, buttocks and muscle stabilizers

For the beginning, sit with feet wider than shoulders, bent knees, rest hands behind the back on the sand. Lift the pelvis. Lift your right foot and tap the foot with your left hand. Then, run the other way. Repeat 10 times.

Obliques, back, shoulders, triceps

Stand on your knees and put the hands in the sand near the left knee. Straining the muscles of the body and maintaining the position of the hips over your heels, draw in the sand archway on the left knee to the right, then do the same from right to left. Perform this exercise 10 times.

Shoulders, back, hips, muscle stabilizers

At first, stand in the plank, elbows should be under the shoulders. The body must form a straight line from head to heels. Then, begin to crawl, moving the right arm and leg, then the left. Perform two sets on each side.  While jumping, stand with your feet wider than shoulder width and then jumping, then return to starting position. Perform this exercise 10 times.


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