Rugby – a game for everyone

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All kinds of sport, including rugby, play a really important for our health and wellbeing. Furthermore, doing sport has many benefits. These benefits cover a wide range of areas, including physical and mental health, as well as the expansion of cultural and social awareness. Rugby Training is planned in such a way to prepare you for the game physically, mentally and technically. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases or injuries, players, coaches, and medical personnel should focus on maintaining a healthy body. They can do it through proper training, diet, stress management and relaxation.

Physical training through exercises

The use of rugby for our health is broad and diverse – at an elementary level, this kind of sport is a great way to increase your physical activity time. Existing rules recommend adults to be engaged in moderate activity at least 30 minutes a day five or more times a week. Children are advised to be involved in physical activities at least 60 minutes every day. At least twice a week, such activities should include exercises that improve bone density, muscle strength, and flexibility.


Rugby for children and youth is a sport for all types of shape and size.

This is a game that uniquely suits all shapes and sizes, girls and boys, people of any age and abilities. More important is that you can play in its various forms with pleasure. There are a lot of regby types: from rugby-15 to contactless rugby. Moreover you can play it even on the beach or on the snow. Every child can easily find a pertinent level of participation that will bring him or her pleasure.

Through a holistic approach, rugby and other kinds of sport can play an extremely vital role in promoting a healthy lifestyle. It allows players to participate in different sporting activities with pleasure.

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Try Rugby / Try doing sports

Encourage participation in sporting activities and get pleasure from it! Regardless of the child`s abilities, rugby is a positive way to fulfill the first important step towards the development of a healthy lifestyle.

The development of social skills

Participation in team sports really stimulates engagement and interaction. It forms a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem. It gives a rise to friendship and partnership that are available only in sports, and also strengthens such typical rugby values as integrity, solidarity, and respect.


Development of mental skills

Through participation and structured training, rugby also develops some key mental skills, such as self-control, concentration, discipline, decision-making, and leadership. These important skills have a huge impact on all aspects of our everyday life.

Diet and nutrition

Balanced nutrition is the key to maintaining the necessary level of energy for participating in competitions and training at each level of the Game. It also plays an important role in raising the level of energy for everyday life, improving concentration and effectiveness,  maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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