Rapid effect: 7 exercises for thin arms

The great Coco Chanel decided long ago, thatarmsare a calling card of every woman. Meanwhile, she had in mind not only the well-groomed and neat manicure. Bigarms with saggy skin and fat, only repel. And vice versa Р slender, smart arms can visually conceal excess weight around the waist and hips. If you have a figureof athletic girl, you simply have to demonstrate proudly thin, moderately textured hands. So, go ahead, and perform super effective exercises for your arms!

  1. Push-ups

Yes, such a trivial thing as push-ups, can bring invaluable to your hands! During performing this exercise, you carry out the load on the pectoral and deltoid muscles and triceps. Strengthening the hands is a nice bonus,after performing regular push-ups. Goodbye, skin stretching! In addition, the back muscles and abdominals are responsible for maintaining direct body positions, which means that they will work actively during the up and down movements. And again, for an equal load distribution on all the muscles of the arms, you should place handsshoulder-width apart.

If you want more to load external chest and the deltoid muscles, place hands wider than shoulder width. And for pumping the inside part of the chest and triceps, place your hands as close as possible to each other. Those,who are ready for more complex exercises, for more intensive load on the deltoids and upper chest muscles of the leg, you should place them on a hill, so that they were higher than chest level.

  1. Dips between supports

Triceps muscles are composed of three bits, and constitute 75% of the total volume of arms! This means that the correct approach of training on this muscle group can lead to ideal results, in the form of trim, shapely arms. First, install two benches in the distance across the extended legs. Turn back to one of them and place your hands, keeping them shoulder-width apart on the edge. When breading in, slowly start to lower, bending your elbows. Lower body until shoulders become parallel to the floor (they should be at an angle of 90 degrees). It is important to keep your elbows straight and do not dilute them tightly in side. When you reach the bottom, on the way outforcefully push the body up to the starting position, using only the force of the triceps.

  1. Moving apart dumbbells sideways

This exercise isperfect for the formation of a beautiful shoulder relief. For its implementation, place your feet shoulder width apart. At the same time, hands hang freely along the body, elbows are close to the trunk and palms face inward. Keep the body straight, on the way outdo lifting dumbbells in hands. The elbows can be slightly bent. The end position – the dumbbell should be slightly above the line of the shoulders level. Then slowly lower the dumbbells down to the starting position.

  1. Pulling up

This exercise may be very difficult to perform, even for quite strong man. It is rare to see a woman who does pull-ups. If you decide to do this exercise, then your embossed, chiseled arms will always attract the attention of others. There is a well-established view that the tightening contributes to the development of broad, rounded shoulders. In fact, this is misleading. Pull-ups very loosely load front and middle part of the shoulder muscles. Just pulling on the bar, without any encumbrances and the use of techniques of “reverse grip”, you cannot become the owner of a broad rounded shoulders. The emphasis in the direct grip tightening (traditional tightening) is placed on the spinal muscles, as well as on the forearm flexors.

In addition, this exercise works perfectly, as you train your triceps, shoulder muscles and biceps. You need to grab the bar in a usual grip,for performing this exercise properly. Hands should be kept at shoulder width. After that, you need to hang on the bar with a little bent back and crossed legs. Bending your elbows, you need to begin to pull up, touching the crossbar with breast. After reaching the lowest point,you need to try fully straighten your hands. Performing the exercises, try to avoid sudden movements and lower the body down slowly.

  1. Classical plank with diverting arms to the side

It is not necessary to complicate the most difficult exercises? Indeed, in the classic plank, you can train muscles of the arms perfectly. However, making the one hand supporting and the other performing different exercises, you will increase the burden on the supporting arm, and the other hand will give more opportunity to train specific muscle groups. Hold the body with weighting is really difficult, but you can achieve relief of the body quickly. For example, during this exercise, the press, triceps arms, pecs, deltoids, hip quadriceps, back muscles and quadratus lumborum muscle work more effectively.

  1. Plank with the legs on fitball and straight arms

Place the shin and feet on fitball. Straighten hands and put on the floor. Make sure that during the exercise, the back does not bend, abdominal muscles and buttocks were in constant tension and stomach was retracted. The unstable surface of the ball provides an increase in the load on all the muscles of the arms, allowing as much as possible to work your biceps and triceps. With feet on fitball, it is desirable to sustain 1.5 minutes in the position of plank, and then push up several times.

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