Proper breathing technique

Here you can get main advice that can help you to breath properly. Why is it important for the body to breathe through your nose, directing the air in the upper part of the abdomen?
Importance of breathing for health
Healthy breathing process by direct expansion of the lungs and the movement of the diaphragm muscle provides a micro-massage of internal organs, thus improving the functioning of the digestive and circulatory systems. However, a lot of people breathe incorrectly.
Improper breathing significantly reduces the percentage of oxygen assimilated by the body from the air. A number of scientific studies show that the modern man receives only half of the amount of oxygen that the body needs for normal operation.

How to breathe correctly?
Breathing is incorrect when the air is routed in your chest. That’s why try to control your breathing and keep the air in an abdomen. The muscles of the diaphragm in this case do not move up and down, it moves forward, compressing and limiting the lungs. In addition, this way of breathing makes breathing through the mouth instead of nose.
Try to remember how children are breathing. They breathe through the nose, and while breathing the upper part of the abdomen rises and falls, at the same time the chest almost is not moving. Such a breath is called “diaphragm” and it is the most natural for humans.

Why you should not breathe through the mouth?
In fact, one of the main functions of the nose is to filter the incoming air into the lungs. Thus, mouth breathing practically does not filter the air. It allows entering of cold and hot air, and various dust particles or germs into the lungs. At first, nasal breathing can seem “uncomfortable”. Give the body a few days, and it will restore normal function. Just try to devote a few minutes to breathe consciously not through the mouth, but through the nose.

The importance of correct posture
Being in a sitting position is not very useful for your spine, but also for a breathing process. In a “hunched” posture, the person starts breathing with chest, not with the belly. Body position during sleep is also critically important for respiration. Sleeping on the back is considered the healthiest. For comfortable sleeping use two pillows, a small pillow under the head and pillow of medium height under your hips and pelvis lifting.

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