Pilates is a fashionable fitness direction

Most of the Hollywood celebrities practise Pilates system. Pilates lessons are available in all health clubs, and, some of them require many months of pre-registration. It is a very fashionable fitness trend in our time!

Pilates means a system of exercises. Implementation of the exercises is accompanied by concentration on the respiratory rhythm, the accuracy of the exercises and awareness actions for each exercise. Pilates helps to strengthen abs, improve coordination of movements. Indeed, it can help to cope with depression. In fact, such exercises are safe for people of any age.

People engaged in Pilates program, exercise the method of deep breathing. This necessary process occurs in the abdominal area, though many people practice thoracic breathing method, which is characterized by the expansion of the upper chest. During Pilates, you should maintain the correct breathing, when air doesn’t concentrate in the front of the chest, but fills the lower parts of the lungs. In such moments, there is a feeling of “bloated” back. Meanwhile, the method of deep breathing does not hinder the movement and allows to take a full breath. Oxygen saturation of exerciser’s muscles depends on whether they work or not.

The effectiveness of the system is based on the principles that guarantee visible and lasting results. They are the following:

Softness of moves. Trainers recommend to perform exercises at a moderate pace, without jerks or excessive strains taken.

Breath. During training, you should comply with the special breathing mode, which allows achieving a more pronounced effect. Before the start of the movement, you should take the breath and exhale – in the process.

Isolation and relaxation. Performing the exercises should not create unnecessary tension in areas not under development at the moment.Concentration. In the process, you need to concentrate on the right execution of exercises, without a distraction of extraneous thoughts.

Centering. The exercises must be performed with active “belt of strength”, that is drawn in abdominal muscles.

Alignment. During the exercise, it is necessary to monitor the correct position of the body. Otherwise, the exercise will be less effective.Coordination of movements. It is important to focus on the sensations that arise in the course of the exercises. This will help to protect the body from possible injury and to achieve a more significant effect.

Gradualism. The load should increase gradually as you become more familiar with the exercise.

Regularity. In order to achieve tangible results, you must train regularly, at least 5 times every week.

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