Home Workout – the Best Way to Stay in Shape

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You can engage home workout almost just as effectively and easily as in specialized complexes. For those who want to look good, be healthy, stay in shape it is not indispensable to visit fitness centre or any other sporting complexes.

Home workout

Not being able to afford subscription in a sports club is not a valid reason for missing out on exercising.
Fitness is merely a complex of physical exercises aimed at improving health, appearance and it can even become your lifestyle.

Given that fitness classes themselves (rather than the word “fitness”) appeared long before the sports clubs, you can easily organize these sessions at home. All you need is desire!

Any woman, and often a man, sooner or later think about improving and maintaining health and beauty of their body. To each their own: someone starts limiting food consumption, others have high expectations towards beauty salons, massage therapists. However, more advanced and less lazy ones know that diet plus exercise gives even triple effect.

In order to engage in home workout, it is enough to get in the mindset of regular workout and positive attitude.

You must choose the direction and frequency of workouts, exercises, methods individually. People engaged in workout at home without coaches, friends and comrades are worthy of admiration. The mere fact that a person finds time and adapts to circumstances without a coach pushing them, tells a lot about their willpower.

First, you have to organize comfortable workspace. It should allow you to move your hands and feet freely without being afraid to destroy something. The hall is perfect for that purpose.

Fitness equipment at home

First thing you need for home workout is a mirror, preferably a large one, so you can monitor correct execution of exercises, and dumbbells (preferably separable).

The rest is optional — rope, centimetre (for measuring your results), expanders, pad, sturdy chair, a small pole (you can use the handle of a shovel to keep the back straight when doing squats and slopes).

Everything else concerning the equipment depends on your goals. For muscle building is unlikely to be successful without a barbell.

Recommendations you could get in fitness centres certainly would be helpful, but nowadays is the “Internet era” and almost any information is available and free, which means classes at home will be completely justified.

If you have the opportunity to buy at least one training machine, such as treadmill or exercise bike, it will help you get rid of excess weight more easily, and in addition strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Inexpensive equipment

However, there are more affordable and less bulky simulators and home workout equipment. These are barbells, dumbbells, expanders, the simplest blocks for traction, are not difficult to fasten to the wall. Instead of dumbbells, you can use small plastic bottles filled with sand or water. And you can replace expanders and blocks with any rubber bands. However, it is all worth the money and can be quite a reasonable investment in your health and beauty.

For example, a very well established “gymnastic roller” strengthens chest muscles, shoulders, back, arms and has a positive effect on the spine. Recommended for people with spinal problems and thoracic degenerative disc disease. Besides, it’s not that difficult to arrange horizontal bar or parallel bars for home workout. And even ordinary chairs can be quite useful.

Training program

Audio or better video accompaniment will be very handy. You download video workout program from the Internet and simply repeat what you are recommended to. This method is efficient because you don’t have to rack your brain and hesitate whether you’re doing everything right. Instead, you simply focus on execution of exercises itself.

But you can go the other way and draw up a training program of your own, create your own “fitness mix”. No sport guru knows better than you what you need to change.

Here are some exercises you can do at home. Don’t forget to do a warm up before every session, however short it can be.

It’s better to perform the first 2-3 sessions with 1-2 sets, not more. The slower you get involved in home workout, the more results you will achieve in the future.

Here you see a completely random set of exercises for warming up muscles, joints and tendons, never ignore it before sessions, it helps prepare the body for muscle loading and protects it from injuries.


Not satisfied with your thighs? They can be either too thin or too thick. Squats at home are just what you need. This universal exercise is aimed at the entire lower part of the body. It will help you lose weight, improve body shape, increase the thighs and buttocks’ tightness. Squats is one of the best, if not the best exercise for legs.

If you want to enlarge the inner part of the thigh or make this area tighter, do the squats putting toes sideward. The feet themselves should be put at least at shoulder width or wider.

If you need to improve the outside of the hips and remove the excess fat, then put the feet in parallel position. Hold your hands in any convenient way.

Remember: If you put something like a brick under your heels and do the squats halfway (go down until your thighs are parallel to the floor), the main load will go on the hip. Whereas deep squats, performed just standing on the floor, will help you build buttocks muscles.


Doing push-ups between the chairs, or against the floor is helpful for strengthening the entire upper body, especially the pectoral muscles, shoulders and arms.
Put your hands depending which part of the chest you wish to tense. Narrowly placed hands will help pump the middle chest and triceps, and wider position will work with the entire breast, in particular its outer part.
These exercises are to be carried out at 2-3 sets with 10-15 repetitions.

Walking up the steps or step aerobics

You have probably seen (or even tried) some people in the gyms rhythmically go up and down so-called step-platform. You can use the ordinary stairs in the apartment for the same purpose. Or consider something like a strong low drawer, a broad brick, or even small building block.

Upon completion of this exercise, you will feel like a squeezed lemon. It will give your muscles a great tone and be a good cardio for the entire body.


Lunges are also suitable for strengthening buttocks and thighs and you can easily perform them at home.

There are two ways to do this exercise.

  1. Stand straight and do a wide step forward so that the knee is brought to the toes, the feet, but no further! Then go back to the starting position
  2. Do a wide step, but go back to the starting position straightening only the supporting leg.

Exercises are performed in 3-4 sets with 15-20 repetitions.


Crunches is the best exercise for muscles. If you want a flat stomach or even abs, you won’t be able to find a better exercise.

When working out abs, the most frequent error is crimping over any bench or any other surface, which negatively affects the spine, namely squeezes the vertebral discs.

To avoid this, do simple crunching on a level floor. Abs do not need large amplitude motion.


Dance is a both useful and enjoyable physical activity, improving the cardiovascular system, muscle tone and creating an overall positive attitude to home workout. And even fitness professionals unanimously agree that dancing is one of the best solutions requiring no special equipment.


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