Healthy Fitness Tips

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There are several healthy fitness tips which can help you deal with some problems you may encounter during the workout.

Problem: folliculitis

Are you afraid of appearing in a mini-skirt because of the red pimples that showered your thighs above your knees? It is possible that you fell prey under the name “folliculitis.” It is an inflammation of the follicles, hair pouches, which are caused by bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas, living in swimming pools.

Preventive measures: After visiting the pool, take a shower with antibacterial soap. Unfotunately, this measure is not very effective.

Treatment: Tetracycline preparations will help speed recovery. If the folliculitis does not go away, it may be necessary to treat it with powerful antibiotics.

Problem: yeast infections

It’s sad, but the fact is that tight clothing combined with damp skin creates ideal conditions for the development of yeast fungal infections.

Preventive measures: Dermatologists advise to wipe “dangerous” places after showering in the most careful way. Some prudent women even dry the skin under the chest with a hair dryer in a weak heating mode. It is also recommended to wear not simple, but sports bras created according to modern technologies from a fabric that absorbs moisture. With such bra the skin will no longer be wet and overheated.

Treatment: Yeast infection, found on the skin under the breast, is easily treated with antifungal creams. In addition, in pharmacies products for vaginal yeast infections are sold without prescription. But it is better to consult a doctor before starting self-treatment.

Scratches and fitness are incompatible

Even small cuts, scratches and abscesses (wherever you get them – in the gym, at work or in the kitchen) must be dealt with before training. Open wounds are an easy target for infections, so they should be covered in advance with adhesive tape. If the scratch is small, lubricate it with an ointment containing antibiotic. This will give healthy fitness results.

Problem: Jogger’s nipples

It’s very simple: rubbing of the fabric causes cracks on the nipples, the skin gets coarse and hurts.

Preventive measures: Friction can be reduced by replacing cotton underwear with synthetic (of course, made of special “breathing” fabric). And you can lubricate your nipples with something greasy like Vaseline – this will create a protective layer on the skin and also reduce friction. If this problem bothers you very much, you can spend a few days looking for special protective linings on the nipple in sports stores (something like flat cushions made of spongy material).

Treatment: First you need to see a doctor. The fact is that changes in skin sensitivity in the nipple region can be a sign of various serious diseases.

Problem: frictions

In places where the skin is often in contact with the bench during exercise, dark spots and marks may appear. What it is? Friction on the skin causes more rigid areas, the skin in this place becomes denser and darker.

Preventive measures: Before the training, lubricate the “risk areas” with a softening lotion or massage oil. This extra lubricant will prevent the appearance of rough areas on the skin, and help avoid the catastrophic condition.

Treatment: The lotion will soften and lighten the skin, so that rubbing will pass after a while.

Problem: dry skin

Those who have a predisposition to drying out the skin, must be careful with the “post-training” shower. Do not get carried away with too hot water, and some kinds of soap, antibacterial in particular.

Preventive measures and treatment: Take a shower, of course, it is necessary, but let the water be moderately warm. Replace soap with a moisturizing gel (but do not overdo it). Be sure to use lotions and body balms, especially after the pool.

Problem: Eczema

You cannot get eczema during the healthy fitness session. But, if you already have it, physical exertion can provoke its aggravation. Try to lubricate the eczema-prone areas of the skin with medicinal ointments.

Preventive measures and treatment: Some types of eczema are caused by an allergic reaction or bacterial infection; Others are related to the state of the environment – for example, when the air is too dry. If you notice inflamed, itchy areas on your skin, show them to your doctor, they will diagnose and prescribe a treatment. And do not forget to tell them that you are working out – the doctor will advise appropriate precautions.

Tidiness is the key to success

Remember: gyms, gymnastics benches, dumbbells and barbells have already been used by hundreds of people, so there’s no way they are clean and related to healthy fitness. Clearly, the risk of catching any infection in the gym is much higher.

However, we can take some simple but effective measures. Wear gloves, bring a towel. Wipe the sweat from your face only with a towel instead of your hands. Do not put your hands in your eyes, do not touch your lips. First of all, after training, don’t go to the locker right away to change, better go to the sink and wash your hands thoroughly.

Healthy fitness tips for skin problems

Fitness causes pimples? Alas, this is a funny horror story: every second visitor of the gym suffers from skin diseases caused by fitness: rashes, pimples, frictions, and even fungus. So much time spent on healthy fitness to get the perfect body, and here you go.

Unfortunately, the gym and swimming pool are the perfect place to spread all kinds of skin infections. There is another “specificity”, like an overly tight sportswear. Heat, high humidity, sweat, clothing overlapping dermal breathing, training machines used before you by a whole lot of people and the diagnosis is ready.

However, before you start treatment with products that are sold without prescription, be sure to consult a doctor. Even if your problem doesn’t seem to be that serious. Imagine how insulting it can be: the waist and hips are ready for demonstration on the beach, but the skin – well, not at all…

Precautionary measures

If you take lunch boxes to eat at work, immediately hide them in the refrigerator. Room temperature is sufficient to start the reproduction of harmful bacteria. The speed of reproduction is extreme, so at the end of the working day you may well be poisoned, even if the taste of food has not changed.

If you eat right in the workplace, always wash your hands thoroughly with hot water. Hygienists claim that in 60% of cases the cause of an eating disorder is an infection that is found on the hands. Wipe your hands with disposable paper towels. In the toilet, do not think about drying your wet hands with a hairdryer. The device blows badly ventilated air around a circle, and therefore the air flow has a high concentration of dangerous viruses and bacteria.

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