Harmful Fitness Tips

Picture Harmful Fitness Tips

The world of fitness seems to be full of strict rules, and the description of the technique of performing exercises sometimes reminds us a set of laws. But we can say for sure: not all of these tips are equally useful.

1. The more weight – the more muscle you will have

Many girls simply do not believe, that food (more protein, less carbohydrates), not extra weight, helps to grow muscles in the first place. So dumbbells of 1.5-2 kilograms are unlikely to make you a bodybuilder.

Strength training simply needs to be included in your plan – they improve posture, strengthen ligaments and give the body that desired relief, but not the volume. They also help to speed up the metabolism, which means that excess fat is burned faster. Moreover, it is burned even after the end of training with additional weight.

2. More Sports – Longer Life

Undoubtedly, regular exercise makes your life better, and you – healthier. But overtraining is not at all what you want to achieve, right? Look at your plan and ask the coach if you train too often. After all, everything is good in moderation.

3. To pump up muscles, they need to be “deceived”

Chaotic and too frequent change of exercises will not allow you to achieve results quickly. And to achieve something in general too. Changing the nature of load, you have to stick to a clear plan, then you can easily evaluate the result. Do the exercises in the same order as last week, keep weight and load almost unchanged.

4. Your ideal weight is…

No coach or training program has the right to set your ideal weight. We are all different. You do not have to look like “the fitness model,” and weigh exactly the same. Your ideal weight is one in which makes you feel confident and comfortable. So do not let your weight determine your happiness.

5. The best kind of training …

It doesn’t exist. Someone likes push-ups, someone – lifting weights, and someone is delighted by the fact that he swims for hours in the pool. The choice of the training program depends only on you and your preferences. The main thing is to find something that benefits and pleases you!



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