Four things, that you cannot do after a workout

After every good workout, inside yourself you can feel pleasantness, a sense of accomplishment and overcoming. But it is too early to be proud. There is a risk that after a fruitful lesson, you will negate all the efforts. Do not allow yourself do things that aren’t strictly recommended after physical exertion.


Regardless of the type of physical activity, you can not go to sleep immediately after training. After a dynamic aerobic exercise, very few people feel sleepy. The body usually receives a powerful pulse of energy for the whole day. Static load such as yoga or pilates and workout in the pool, on the contrary, have much to sleep at the end of training. But the temptation should definitely be overcome. The body, especially the heart rate, need a smoother transition to rest. Give it at least two hours after a workout before you go to relax.

Lack of fluids

Trainers have different opinions  about drinking during training. But it is clear that replenish of moisture balance after class is compulsory. Some people decide to refrain from the consumption of water for the first time after a workout, that there was no swelling. However, you need to drink as much as the body requires. It is important for health to consolidate the results of training. Another thing, what you drink, it is always better to give preference to the treated water than juice or soda. Not to mention the energy drinks, which many include to speed up the metabolism. It is an absolute taboo.

Fasting after a workout

Sport burns a lot of energy, which you need to fill up, even if your goal is to lose weight. Prolonged fasting after loads will not lead to the desired result. At the same time, pouncing on a meal and even light snacks are not recommended, after the workout. During training, we are launching the mechanism of accelerated burning of own calories. It will operate a couple of hours after physical activity. That is you’ve finished training, but the body continues to “burn fat”. If at this point you decide to satisfy your hunger, you will give your body an alternative energy source and stop burning calories. The best option is to arrange a light snack in 2 hours after the workout. Meal sould consist of protein and simple carbohydrates. For example, vegetable salad and fish or chicken breast are ideal.


As a rule, power and aerobic workout ends with 5-10 minutes of stretching. A lot of people ignore it, and that’s a mistake. This stretching is performed not for the additional load on muscles, but rather for their discharge, restoration and elasticity. After training the muscles are in the state of tension and activity for several hours. In order to calm them down immediately after the load, you need to stretch a little, then the concentration of lactic acid in the muscles will decrease and you will secure an excellent result of training.

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