What is the kids fitness?

In recent years, you could often hear such phrase as kids fitness, but not everyone knows what it is. First of all, it is a special sports program, taking into account the child’s age, development level and physical training. In addition, such fitness is also a great opportunity for the child to throw out the accumulated energy and spend time with other children.

A little more about the kids fitness

Today, such a service as a kids fitness becomes more popular in sports clubs. It is sports activities, which may include elements of dance, gymnastics, aerobics, yoga and martial arts. Usually, every fitness group consist of no more, than 10-15 people. As a rule, training are conducted in playful form, it helps children to relax and be happy and fulfill the requirements of the teacher.

Kids fitness: exercises of a fitness program

The indisputable advantage of the such fitness is that, it does not have a clearly defined exercise program. Rather, kids fitness is a combination of “blocks” of restorative exercises, that include exercises for posture, exercises with a rope, and such types of physical activity, as choreography, acrobatics, roller skating, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc.

In general, the number of children’s fitness programs is almost endless. So, trainers always assume the temperament of a child, and create the most comfortable atmosphere for little athletes.

Kids fitness and sports clubs

The undoubted advantage of children’s fitness is the fact that this form of physical activity is less traumatic, than professional training in sports clubs. The kids fitness cannot lead to physical and psychological stress, caused by competitions in the sports sections. Furthermore, not every child can train in some sports section, such as sports or gymnastics.

In comparison, children in fitness group are equal, they can prove themselves. Also, the kids fitness welcome an individual approach to every child. Depending on the child’s blueprint (choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholic), you can pick up a program of exercises, and the child feels more comfortable. In fact, all children are different: someone likes outdoor games, someone – dancing and others like systematic repetition of exercises …

In addition, children’s fitness exercises are often combined with techniques of logo aerobics, based on the fact that during exercise children tell specially selected poems and tongue twisters.

Who can do kids fitness?

Every healthy child can do kids fitness, each girl or boy from 3 years. However, every training should be planned with taking into account child-sensitive manner. A child about 3 years old can do kids fitness no more, than 20-30 minutes 2 times per week. And children from 5 to 10 years – approximately 30 minutes 2-3 times every week.

A special program is provided for children about 11-14 years. It is a 40-minutes combination of exercises, 3 times per week.

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