Eighteen motivating facts for doing sports

It is certainly true, that sport is an extremely useful activity for health. In order to stay healthy, the experts recommend to deal with a moderate cardio activity, for at least 2,5 hours and a vigorous cardio for 1,5 hours per week. It is also recommended to add to this scheme two weight trainings.

However, there are days when the mere thoughts of going to the gym or doing any other sport, makes to experience negative emotions. It speaks about the absence of a proper motivation, and even about lack of a life motivation, which is one of the fundamental components of success. There are 18 facts that motivate people to do sports, even when they are very lazy.1. Sport increases women sexual arousal almost by half due to the fact, that it improves blood circulation of the whole body. Physical activity also increases the libido of  women, who take antidepressants.

2. Regular exercises decrease anxiety and depression symptoms.

3. Physical activity can prevent type 2 diabetes.

4. Training plays an important role in increasing the “good” cholesterol and reduce the “bad” cholesterol.

5. Studies has shown that sports can reduce the inflammation of the airways, it is very important for people who suffer from asthma.

6. Strength training affects positively on a condition of bone tissues and it is associated with a lower risk of developing osteoporosis.7. Despite the fact, that the exercises сan not speed the metabolism up, sport really helps to burn calories.

8. Training relates to the improvement of the cardiovascular system and it reduces a risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is well-known thing, that even minimal physical activity and yoga have a positive impact on a heart health.

9. Regular physical exercises are effective in coping with stress.

10. Workouts increase immunity. Even now, scientists have not found, how sport affects the immune system of human organism. But, definitely, regular exercises help to rid the airways of bacteria, that cause the common cold, as well as contribute to the development of antibodies, that fight disease.

11. Aerobics improves memory, so it is useful for the elderly people.

12. Physical activity helps to increase a life expectancy. People, who exercise regularly, at least seven hours a week, are at 40 percent lower risk of premature death.

13. Physical activity helps to decrease a risk of developing certain types of cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, one third of all cancer cases in the US linked to unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.

14. Regular exercises reduce the risk of an emotional outburning syndrome. Sport also helps in dealing with stress at work.

15. Training improves self-esteem and self-confidence.

16. Regular physical activity facilitates the symptoms of an attention deficit disorder and a hyperactivity.

17. Sport helps to improve the quality of sleep.

18. Physical activity gives energy and raises the level of endorphins. And in a result you have a long-term and stable growth in the level of happiness.

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