Effective fitness for buzy people

In order to keep your body in a good shape, you don’t need to go to expensive gyms or constantly be engaged in fitness at home. How can you lose your weight and do almost nothing? Oddly enough, you can perform simple exercises anywhere, wherever you could be. Here are some effective exercises for the busy people, that are available for everyone, lazy or not.

Walking with a stroller. When you go for a walk with your small child, try not to sit and walk as much as possible. During the walk, you can also draw and relax the stomach, tiptoes, then on your heels.

Bathroom. In the morning, when you go to wash, stand shoulder width apart and try to bend your knees. Of course, the wash will be slightly heavier, but at this time your muscles work.

Kitchen. After all, women really spend in the kitchen a great lot of time. If you belong to this category, try to accustom yourself to the fact, that you must do everything on tiptoes. Practicing this, you will train all the muscles.

Elevator. At first glance, it might seem that the elevator is not a suitable place for training. However, you can find your benefit if you don’t like to walk the stairs. Try to lift up your head and hands and strongly tighten your press. Try to stretch your legs up as much as you can.

Lying on the couch at home. As strange as it may sound, but even just lying on the couch, you can gain some benefits, just following a few simple exercises. Stretch out in full growth, raise  your hands up. In this position, begin tense and relax the press. You can do the well-known exercise “bicycle”. It is not difficult and does not take much time.

Lying in bed. Lying on your back, with your straight legs draw words and numbers in the air, straining back and the press. Or in this position lift your abdomen as high as possible, pressing the feet to the buttocks (repeat 20 times). Do the twisting in the supine position, with the legs closed  at the knees (perform 25 repetitions on both sides).

In supermarket. When you go to the supermarket, do not take the truck and carry everything in a basket, it will help you pump up your hands.

Here are just some of the exercises that you can perform when you don’t have time for a workout. Of course, it might seem that they do not give any results, but not in this case. Maybe these exercises won’t help you to lose weight in a short period of time, but they will help keep your body toned. This complex has been designed in such a way, that absolutely everyone could execute them.

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