Develop a training program for yourself!

Leave behind the unrest that accompanied you in the preparation of a training program! For being always sure that everything what you do in training is enough, you must get acquainted with amount of advice given in this article.
Do you want to alter a workout to fit your weaknesses? Or accidentally forget a book, which help you in holding training? Some knowledge on the development of training programs will help you gain confidence while you are working in the gym. All you need is a clear understanding of its purpose, that you want to achieve in the gym, as well as a willingness to follow a few guidelines.

1. Set definite targets
This is the very first thing you must do before you start exercising. As a rule, in order to begin training, you must remind what you want to get in a result:
– become stronger;
– pump up muscle mass;
– lose weight.
Is it true that all these objectives are independent from each other? The answer is clear: of course not. But the idea is to direct all forces in one direction.

2. Repetitions and sets

Once you have decided on its purpose, it is necessary to draw up a programme of sets and repetitions. If you have chosen to become stronger, then you need to increase the number of sets, but reduce the number of repetitions. For example, 6 sets of 3-5 repetitions.  If you cherish a dream to gain muscle mass, then ideal activity for you is exercises, which contain 3 sets of 8 – 12 repetitions. And finally, if your goal is to lose weight, improve metabolism, the number of repetitions should be approximately 15 – 20.

3. Choose the right exercises
The right choice of exercises is an incredibly important part of success in bodybuilding. As a rule, three-dimensional and more complex exercises are placed in the beginning of the training process. This is done because these exercises are very difficult to execute at the end of the training, as they take many forces. With this in mind, try to make them at the time of occupation, when you do a lot of energy. Then you need to perform exercises for the press, as well as insulation. There is a list of exercises that you must perform at the beginning of the training:
– bench press;
– squat;
– deadlift;
– bench press while sitting;
– pulling on the horizontal bar;
– leg press;
– rod in slope;
– dips.

Then you can do exercises on one muscle group, such as:
– bend leg on biceps hamstrings;
– flexion of the hand to biceps;
– the leg extension;
triangularis push ups recumbent;
– upgrades to the toes.
The final stage of your training should include exercises aimed at training one muscle group.

4. Do not forget to rest!
Breaks is the one aspect of the training, which often remains unnoticed. But in fact is the most important point in achieving fitness goals. In other words, when you relax, look at the clock, not the girl in the skintight suit. The duration of the break depends solely on the phase in which you are.  For getting more power, you should rest about 2 minutes between sets as it is vital to recover fully. For pumping muscles, a rest time between sets must be 45 – 75 seconds. Exercise for weight loss, based on the speeded heart rate, so the rest must be within 30 seconds or less!

5. Follow the rules, and then you can a little broke them
Now you will have over time in order to break each of the above rules. As soon as you get more and more experience in the developing your training program, you will be more clearly aware of when it must be changed. Regardless of whether you want to be thin, muscular or strong, general tips can also help you create a program that will meet your goals. But after you finish the workout, be sure to ask for the phone number of the girl in a stunning suit.

6. Some tips about scales
Remember, that when the number of repetitions decreases, the load should increase. This means that if you perform a set of three repetitions, the weight of the barbell have to be substantially larger than the one you would use for 10 repetitions. If your program has more than 24 sets in a day, then revise it as in this case you do not focus on quality and on diversity.

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