How can change your body shape with saying no to having a drink?

It is definitely not worth to do fitness in a state of alcohol intoxication. In a state of hangover you have a low reaction. It affects the speed, strength and endurance of your body during 72 hours. And of course, the risk of being injured at this time is very high.

What exactly happens to your shape and your body when you stop drinking alcohol?

It is certainly true, that alcohol is not a quite useful product for the organism. It causes damage of a DNA structure and harms liver, alcohol also leads to diabetes and cancer. As a minimum, the alcohol dries the skin and disrupts sleep. But there are good news: the body recovers quickly enough on its own, but when you are not consuming alcohol, you helps your body to accelerate this process. Miraculous metamorphosis begins after only 5 minutes after the last glass!

In an hour

The body switches to recovery mode: it cleans the blood, struggling with the possibility of poisoning. Liver is working in rapid pace. The pancreas responds to additional release of insulin and in a result you feel a hunger.

In 24 hours

Refuse from the sugary and fatty foods at this time. Your body has to restore a normal glucose level. Now fast carbs are particularly harmful as they cause an increase of sugar. It is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables. Drink a lot of water in order to normalize the water balance!

In 48 hours

A detox-program of your body completes the work. Then, a hangover effects and a headache disappear.

In a week 

Your skin looks fresh, as a water balance finally comes back to normal. When sleep becomes normal, levels of physical, mental, emotional energy become higher.

In a month 

Only now, your liver again starts to function normally. After a month of sobriety, a fat level in your body decreases by 15%. Metabolism improves. Toxins normally leave the body. Facial skin looks much better.

In a year

The risk of cancer of the liver, mouth, breast significantly decreases . Body fat around the waist becomes low. On average, a person can lose 6 kg of fat in one year without alcohol and this is with no sport or special diet!

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