Burpee exercise is an intensive workout for the whole body

If you’re a little tired of the usual twists rock press or to train arm muscles using dumbbells, we offer you an alternative – Burpee! Burpee is an exercise that not everyone can accomplish. It includes the most intense workout, but Burpee exercise is also effective when you do daily basis at home. This exercise is very useful if you do it correctly, that it would bring you stunning results.

What is Burpee?

Burpee is a composite plyometric exercise of CrossFit discipline. It is a mini complex that includes more simple exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, jumping), as it is performed without interruption. Burpee develops explosive muscle strength, speed, and endurance. Initially, this exercise was invented for the evaluation of the physical fitness of American army. Thus, CrossFit collects the best elements from different disciplines, Burpee was included in a CrossFit discipline.

At first glance, Burpee seems very simple exercise, it is easy to replicate, and the technique of performing is not difficult, but try to make at least 5 reps, and you will feel your muscles burning. Moreover, Burpee exercise is very popular, because it allows you to burn maximum calories and at the same time increase your endurance.

Burpee involves all muscle groups: arms, chest, biceps, quadriceps, hips, buttocks and abdominal muscles, but the biggest load is on the abdominal muscles, upper body, calf and gluteal muscles. This exercise develops strength, endurance, and coordination. If you perform Burpee for 5 minutes every day, in a month you will not recognize your body. In fact, this exercise is effective for those, who still want to lose weigh, and for those who just keep fit. Burpee also can be included in cardio, it’s enough to make a few sets of 30 seconds with 2-minute breaks.

Сorrect performance technique

Before performing Burpee exercise, it is necessary to warm the muscles by doing stretching. How to do Burpee?

  1. Squat down from a standing position and rest hands against the floor.
  2. Simultaneously move legs back, taking the position of plank on the straight hands.
  3. From the position of plank, jump quickly pulling up the legs to the hands.
  4. Get back on your feet and quickly jump up as high as possible and make clap over your head.
  5. Repeat 1-4 steps without stopping.

Difficulty levels of Burpee exercise

Endeed, experts advise doing Burpee in accordance with the level of sports training.

  1. Beginner level. If you are a beginner, then do 4 Burpee sets for 2 minutes each. Rest between sets should not be less than 1 minute.
  2. Intermediate level – 6 Burpee sets for 2 minutes each. Rest between sets must be no more than 1 minute.
  3. High level – 6 Burpee sets for 3 minutes each. Rest between sets should be no more than 1 minute.
  4. Advanced level – 6 Burpee sets for 3 minutes each. Rest between sets should be no more than 30 seconds.

What gives Burpee performing?

The first indisputable advantage is that Burpee exercises includes the work of a large number of muscle groups of the body. You consistently perform push-ups and jumping from a deep squat, with doing a plank on straight hands.

Following muscle groups get the greatest load:

  1. The quadriceps, femoral biceps, buttocks, calves.
  2. Large pectoral muscles, triceps.
  3. Deltoid muscles.
  4. Press.

Burpee has a number of advantages:

  1. You do not need any additional equipment for performing the program in a right way. Only your own body and a pair of square meters of floor. This makes exercise universal. Besides, you can train in your room, at home, outdoors, in a hotel room, in general, anywhere.
  2. Exercise trains the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, disperses blood throughout the body. It also helps accelerate the flow of metabolic processes in the body. After a few minutes of Burpee training in the morning, you will be cheerful and energetic all day.
  3. Exercise develops explosive strength, speed, coordination, and balance. Actually, you learn to master every muscle of your body, perform movements quickly, accurately and consistently.
  4. During performing Burpee exercises you lose calories, so it becomes an ideal tool in the fight against excess fat.
  5. Saving time is important for many busy people. Therefore, every day try to make a few short intervals of work and rest, and you get excellent setting-up exercises.

However, Burpee exercise has contraindications, such as injury, painful condition, also problems with blood pressure, heart or blood vessels. Finally, for starting Burpee exercises you should feel good.

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