Benefits of swimming in the pool

Swimming is called the most popular type of fitness: it works with our body real miracles. What are the benefits of swimming in the pool, you ask? Here are eight good reasons to find quickly sports swimsuit in the depths of the closet and purchase a subscription and sign up for training with an instructor.

Impressive results with less effort

Swimming allows you to do sports without unnecessary load on the skeleton. The body in the pool becomes easier. If you go into the water up to your waist, you will become easier to exactly twice. And immersed to the neck, you will feel only 10% of the mass of the body. The other 90%, in the truest sense, will go into the water. This means that the swimming pool is the ideal environment for training, especially if you are suffering from obesity or arthritis.

Improving muscle tone

Have you ever seen a flabby dolphin or a puny swimmer? Surely not! Benefit in swimming pool lies in the fact that it helps to improve significantly muscle tone and make them stronger. Especially, if you compare swimming with other aerobic loads? For example, when you running the only obstacle for the body is the air, which density is low. The density of water is in 12 times more, accordingly, your every movement requires more effort and exercise runs more efficiently.


During the swimming, our joints and ligaments are in constant work: making a circular rotation of the arms, we train the shoulder joints; kicking motion strengthens the pelvic. In addition, an invaluable benefit brings spine diving. During training, it pulls out, the vertebrae stand in place, which generally helps to improve flexibility and mobility from the top and to the fingertips.

A healthy heart

Except the triceps and the press, swimming coaches another very important muscle: the heart. Aerobic capacity, which we get during classes in the pool, strengthens the vital organs and helps him smoothly perform its function: to contract and relax. In turn, that leads to better blood flow throughout the body.

In addition, research has shown, that swimming allows you to deal with internal inflammatory reactions, which often leads to heart disease and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease in 30-40% of women.

Weight control

Swimming is one of the most energy-intensive form of fitness, and therefore ideal for those who are watching their weight. On average, you can lose up to 60 calories during 10 minutes of breaststroke and a backstroke figure increases to 80 calories, freestyle takes you 100 calories and butterfly – all 150. Moreover, swimming in the pool for half an hour three times a week reduces the risk of Type II diabetes in men by 10 percent. Studies conducted among women, have led to even more impressive results: in order to reduce the risk of the disease by 16 percent, the unpowered females need only one workout per week.

The fight against asthma

Thanks to the optimal humidity in the pool, swimming doesn’t cause discomfort in asthmatics. It also helps to combat the attacks. A study conducted by scientists has proven: kids with asthma after a six-week course of training became less likely to seek help, and many attacks are not repeated within a year or more. Even if you are not familiar with this problem, you should know: swimming increases lung capacity and helps to learn how to breathe correctly.

Cholesterol – lowering

The body’s health is inextricably linked with the amount of cholesterol in our blood. The higher the level of “good” cholesterol and lower of “bad” cholesterol, the healthier we are. Swimming in the pool helps to maintain the right balance of lipoproteins and improves blood and lymph vessels.

Coping with stress and human brain improving

Another undeniable benefit of swimming in the pool, scientists associate with the elaboration of endorphins. As they  are responsible for our emotional well-being. In addition, the relaxing effect of the training is comparable to that which we get after yoga. All thanks to a combination of stretching exercises and proper breathing techniques. Swimming is a meditative process. The sound of breathing and the splash of water help to clear your head from unnecessary thoughts. In addition, during the classes in the body happens an active neurogenesis and due to stress nerve cells recover.


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