Baseball is a game for everyone

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Baseball is a very popular kind of sport in America and the most democratic. It can play all, without exception: children of any composition, growth; any physical preparation and type of temperament. For example, a phlegmatic heavy boy can become a clever catcher (the player who catches the ball), and a fragile girl can help out the team by showing her eye – to make accurate throws.

From what age you can play this game?

The most optimal, when you can begin to engage in baseball – 5-6 years. The child should already have developed discipline, mindfulness and he must be sufficiently mobile. For young children of 3 years it will be difficult to move around the playing field and watch the ball. In the preschool age, the children are already quite ready for this.

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Medical Contraindications

There are no special medical contra-indications to baseball. This kind of sport can deal with children of any complexion and physical fitness. The only thing worth paying special attention to if the children have the following violations:

  • heart disease, blood vessels;
  • injuries or other disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • diseases of the respiratory system
  • eye problems

Boys and Girls

This game can play both girls and boys. In this sport, there are absolutely no sexual divisions. Compete among themselves and achieve success, they can both. Not for nothing, baseball is democratic.

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It is a moving game. Therefore, we can distinguish the following advantages:

  • immunity increases;
  • improves posture;
  • the respiratory and cardiovascular system is trained;
  • the muscular apparatus is strengthened;
  • develops dexterity and coordination of movements;
  • the nervous system improves;
  • baseball helps to cope with stress and irritability.

In addition, a child, who regularly plays this game develops a sporting character and discipline. In training, children learn quickly. They think, focus, respond quickly, analyze the situation and make winning decisions.


In general, baseball is one of the safest sports. Important point: you need to be careful with the game and warm up well before training. Since the ball develops a sufficiently high speed, there is a risk of getting a punch or bruise. And also, you can turn your leg during a wrong turn or sharp movement.

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How much do the classes cost?

You can play baseball free of charge in sections at educational institutions. And also, look for classes in sports schools, children’s and youth centers, in sports palaces.

The following ammunition will be required: a bat, a ball, and traps that are worn in the arms. First, all this can be rented in a sports club or a coach. But if you are constantly engaged, it is better to buy everything you need for yourself.

How to choose a section?

Read reviews on the Internet or socialize with other parents. Choose a section near the house so you do not waste time and energy on the road. Better let the child spend more time on the trainig gym.

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