Amazing fitness activities for you and your pet

There is a simple and easy way to pay attention not only to yourself but also to the health and physical condition of your dog. Such fitness will allow you and your pet to lead an active life without spending a lot of time and effort. In a result, you will get positive emotions from spending time with your pet.

Daily jogging

Try to treat the usual walks with a dog as additional opportunities to support yourself in a good physical shape. Before going outdoors, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It will be better if you have a specially planned route, where you can feel comfortable to run with the animals.

It is necessary to walk with a pet in any kind of weather if the temperature is within the climate norm. So, try not to compromise and go with the dog for a jog every day. Do it every morning or evening. For maintaining your body in a good shape, you need a constant load. Also, do not forget, that the recommended duration of walking with your pet is not less than two hours.

Flyball and frisbee

A flyball game is for active dogs. You get a lot of positive emotions, watching the enthusiasm while the dog is trying to catch the ball. Some of the pets often do not wait until the sports equipment falls to the ground, and caught it right in the air.

An alternative for flyball may become a frisbee. This sport is not only addicted to those who seek to become champions, but also ordinary fans, who want to have fun with their four-legged friend. The rules of the game are simple: throw the disc as far as possible and allow the pet to catch the frisbee. This can be a great family holiday and an active and cheerful walk with a pet.


You can be out on a bike ride with your dog. If your pet is healthy and in good physical shape, be sure to try this exercise and gradually accustom your pet to run alongside a bicycle.

To quench the thirst of the animal, take a bottle of carbonated water at room temperature. Biking will bring a positive impact on your figure and will be a great exercise for your dog.

Dog agility

If you successfully combine training your dog and easy fitness for yourself, then try a more active sport for a dog, which is called agility. The main objective of these competitions is that the dog needs to run the fastest on the track, overcoming a variety of obstacles, so-called shells. The handler does not only direct the pet with his voice and gestures but runs next to it. At the same time, a dog should be without a collar, and the handler is forbidden to touch the animal and shells.

Regardless of which option you choose sports activities for themselves, involve your pet that will become your indispensable partner in fitness.

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