Aerial Yoga is a new fitness direction

Aerial yoga is a unique direction of body practice that combines yoga, stretching and air elements of gymnastics.  Aerial yoga was founded by Christopher Harrison in 2000, his goal was a development of flexibility and ductility, as well as the restoration of the spine.

Christopher was a dancer, he suffered an injury and the doctors forbade him to do sports. Harrison was able to recover by using classes in the hammock. In fact, aerial yoga is a classical hatha yoga, which is performed in special hammocks, suspended one meter above floor level. It develops plastic, makes the muscles stronger and strengthens the immune system.

Interestingly, that in ancient India yogis hung some handy tools on the trees and also engaged in «fly-yoga» in mid-air.

About results and weight loss

Aerial yoga can quickly bring you visible results. If for performing a series of asanas in hatha yoga you need more than one year of training, then engaging in hammocks training gives you results much faster.  A person, engaged in aerial yoga, loses weight, becomes more flexible and pliable. There is a myth that yogis don’t lose weight, it is not true. If you practice regularly, the effect of weight loss is bound to be. Moreover, results of training will not disappear in a short time, as yoga normalizes metabolism.

About contraindications

The advantage of aerial yoga is that almost everyone can deal with it, from toddlers to seniors. It is useful for people with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. But there are exceptions to the rules. Aerial yoga is contraindicated for people with a very low or high blood pressure, who recently underwent surgery (high risk that can disperse the joints) or received a head injury, pregnant women in the third trimester, those who have a displacement of intervertebral discs, weak blood vessels in the eyes and nose, enlarged thyroid gland, people who suffer from atherosclerosis, hypertension, varicose veins, thrombosis of the brain, thrombophlebitis, etc. In any case, before you go to class, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

About yoga and philosophy

Yoga is not just fitness, yoga is a lifestyle. At the same time, many people think that when they start practicing yoga, they will have to force themselves to give up meat, start to get up at 5 am, meditate, and stop eating their favorite dishes. This is a fiction. The essence of yoga is that you need to listen to yourself, do not force yourself and move forward slowly but surely. If after a while you want to give up meat, it will be good, if you do not want, it is also good. And such attitude applies to absolutely everything.

About combining with other sports

Aerial Yoga can be combined with everything, with hatha yoga, gym, jogging, swimming. It’s not a problem. The main thing is that people receive pleasure from the process.

About benefits for the back

Aerial Yoga is an excellent method for strengthening back. During the lessons, the spine well draws out in a natural way, without the additional weight. That’s why there is no risk of injury. After regular classes, you can feel that back pain goes away, no more tension and you have just a good mood.

About Aerial Yoga training

Usually, one class lasts 45-60 minutes. It begins with a small warming up activity – turning and tilting the head. Then, you can perform the simplest exercises, relying on one of the legs. After that, the instructor proceeds to more complex asanas, that require the performer to demonstrate stretching, flexibility, plasticity, strength and courage. Yes, you need a lot of courage, when you will hang upside down, winding round legs with feet and clasping hands in the lock of the neck. In fact, you can be scary the first time only, and then just for a minute or two. When you are in a blissful state, you will want to remain in this position as long as possible. The last stage of training is a meditation. By the way, it is easier to enter in this state, swaying in a hammock.

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