5 Great Exercises for Burning Fat

Picture 5 Exercises That Will Make Your Fat

There are many reasons why you need a fat burning workout at home. And there are two ways to do it: reasonable nutrition and exercises. It is worth noting that one of the most important things is to believe in victory, because a tangible result is a victory, even if it is a little one. Getting rid of excess, we find a harmony. This applies to our body and the state of the soul, for only in a healthy body one can sense the presence of a healthy spirit. In fact, ancient Greeks were right…

When you do gymnastics at home, you are absolutely free and do not owe anything to anyone. These classes will help you to strengthen the will. Below we will consider exercises that have an exclusively directed action.

This is a circuit training. Its main feature is that you perform all the exercises one after another, without any rest between them. After completing all the exercises during the set number of times, you perform 1 round. Between the circles, have a rest for about 2-3 minutes. In total it is necessary to perform 3 circles.

1. Squats with jumps
Put your feet at shoulder length and do a half-squat. So that the knees and the shin can form a right angle. Back is as flat as possible! Raise your straight arms in the “in front of us” position simultaneously with squatting. Fix this position and concentrate for the jump. Push yourself upwards by a strong, abrupt movement, then make a leap. Direct hands should be pulled back. This will help the movement and will give it direction and strength. You should come down gently, quietly, slightly bending the knees. Straighten and prepare to repeat the exercise first. Start the next exercise after 15 repetitions.

2. Press-ups
The next exercise is press-ups. This exercise has a tremendous profound effect. But only if it is done correctly. At first, strengthen your back and legs. Then lean the hands firmly on the floor. Slowly lower the body. Feel the back and the tightened press. Feel yourself like a solid log when doing this exercise. Slowly return to the initial position. We must admit that this exercise is rather difficult. Only you can determine how many times you can perform it. Start slowly and add more and more repetitions every day. As a result, having mastered the implementation of this exercise slowly, you can perform it quickly.

Picture Exercises to Burn Fat

3. Burpy
The starting position of this exercise is to sit bringing the hands on the floor. First of all, straighten the legs by a sharp movement back, taking a lying position. Return to the starting position with a sharp movement. Then push yourself up from the original position and make a jump. Raise hands up, then clap over the head. And after that, take the starting position. Do this exercise 10 times in a row.

Picture Exercises to Burn Fat

4. Squats with a med-bol.
The fourth exercise is performed with a med-bol. The starting position is a half-squat. The ball is held in front of us, without pressing it to the chest. Straighten up sharply, pushing the ball up. Do it so that it would be possible to catch it right there. And again, occupy the starting position. Exercise has to be performed at least 20 times.

Picture Exercises to Burn Fat

5. Sitting spinal twist with a med-bol (extra weight)
The fifth exercise is performed sitting on the floor. Do it with the ball. The knees are slightly bent, and the heels do not touch the floor. Keep the back straight. The first movement is turning the ball to the right, the second one is turning to the left, the third movement is to raise the ball over your head. Lower the ball to your knees and repeat everything from the very beginning. The exercise should be performed 30 times. That`s all, the first circle is finished.

Rest for 2-3 minutes and get down to the next exercises. Remember that the main thing is constancy. You cannot leave it. And then the result will definitely surprise you. Just do not expect it right away. He will come when you don`t even expect.

Picture Exercises to Burn Fat

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